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Our mission is to save you time and money by creating portable website software packages tailored to your company's needs.

Our philosophy is that small businesses and non-profit organizations deserve the same high quality workmanship that Fortune 500 companies get.

Our modus operandi is to give you direct connections, instead of middle-men, whenever possible, and a database with administrative page rather than a lifetime of maintenance fees.

What's best for the customer is what's best for us.






Hi Robin,

Just got home from setting up at the pier for the NY show and looked at my new website!!! Every time I see the new additions, it's like opening a gift. I'm so glad we met, and am beyond excited about the beautiful website you are creating for me...

I'm having fun adding portfolio photos. Have lots more to do, but I'm doing as I have time. Thanks again for my GREAT website!

Pat Lukas

Laurent Trade

The Laurent Trade site offers both retail and wholesale portals. It also allows all customers to purchase on line.

It is an extensive web site due to the nature of our products spread into numerous categories, sub-categories with many patterns, colors and sizes. Robin responded to all challenges with determination and consistency.

All issues were progressively ironed out until a fully functioning web site emerged.

One of Robin's strong marketing points is also her willingness to accompany her clients in fully mastering the new web site.

All in all we were very satisfied with Robin's work and look forward to further using her services for new web site features and functions in this constantly evolving cyberspace business.

Eric Laurent, President

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Laurent Trade Loominaries Museum Collections
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